Intel was releasing a new range of processors targeted at the Android market, and wanted an attention grabbing display of how powerful and adaptable these new processors were. In partnership with Intel, Flume and The Monkeys, we were tasked with designing and building a fully autonomous robotic orchestra.

The orchestra was built entirely by Intel powered tablets. Comprised of over 10 individual robotic instruments, including an autonomous xylophone, piano, trumpet, french horn and 5 piece drum kit. The instruments were built in collaboration with Flume, who oversaw their development and captured their sound to create stems for his latest track “The Greatest View”. Flume then provided us with the 17 stem track, where each stem was pre-programmed in to it’s corresponding robot and orchestrated by “Felix” who was the Intel powered Conductor. With the stroke of a conductive fingered robot arm, Felix would tap one of 10 tablets in front of him that would trigger the corresponding instrument.

The result was a stunningly beautiful and seamless rendition of Flumes hit song, captured in a gorgeous film.

Technology Used:
MIDI to electromechanical actuation
Ableton Live
Polar plotter (Most Powerful Arm II and its parents)
Lots and lots of solenoids