To celebrate its new range of beer cans, Hobart-based craft brewer Moo Brew set out to create possibly the world’s weirdest and least practical beer vending machine. And if you couldn’t tell – we are the type of people for whom if the problem is weird and impractical,we want to solve it with technology. We set out to embrace the dysfunction and create the most innovative vending machine yet.

Head Brewer Dave Macgill is to blame for the seed of the idea: “Moo Brew has 6 core beer styles, so we thought we’d invent a vending machine that encouraged you to try a different one each time. Basically, you pull the handle and the machine decides which one you get.” But, as with all games of roulette, there is risk involved, and that risk is a one-in-seven chance of getting a can of Fosters.

Initial Concept Artwork
The Final Machine

This project combined Nakatomi’s core collective interests: beer, art and gambling. This was a dream hybrid and so we needed to, not just create a functional innovation, but pay homage to our great loves in a fully formed way. We ultimately created an incredible beast of a machine that equally tributes artistry, design, and technology.

It is now installed at the entrance of MONA – where over 360,000 visitors a year will be exposed to the creation, with 51,428 of them at risk of drinking a can of Fosters.