Every year, the Steve Waugh Foundation conducts ‘The Captain’s Ride’; a 6-day cycle through NSW that aims to raise much-needed funding for the 400,000 Australian children suffering from rare diseases.

However, the children he supports are unable to participate.

HostHavas engaged us to develop, build and manage a world-first ‘Riderless Bike’ that invited the children along for the ride.

Originally conceived as a full sized bike that could steer and balance itself, we soon changed direction to build a kids bike that could join the ride. (Training wheels are also a real bonus when it comes to the low-speed stuff!) A sizeable electric hub motor provided the leg power for the bike, and an infrared beacon attached to the last rider in the peloton provided the direction for steering. We integrated a 360-degree camera and live streaming equipment into the seat post to enable kids from all over Australia to join the ride.

The children loved it, and the riders adopted it as a mascot - representing the children that they were on the ride for.

Technology Used:
IR beacon tracking computer vision camera
Raspberry Pi
500W electric bike motor