Getting started

Engaging with us is easy. Our services are a perfect way for you and your team to work with us and start a collaborative partnership. These are essentially stages of our creative and production processes, you can decide what stage of the process is most relevant to you, or start a conversation.

Product Validation

This is the same process we use when developing our ideas. It is designed to validate ambitious projects, forge an informed path to production and maximise it’s chances of success.

Our team of experts rapidly assess an idea’s technical feasibility, investigate the possibilities of relevant technology, identify similar existing work and, wherever necessary, explore alternate implementations.

We are able to then define cost and schedule estimations for development as well as methods of distribution, helping you construct a confident pitch and/or a strong foundation for production.

Our Sydney workshop.


We offer a range of different workshops, focused on various aspects of technology and innovation.

Each runs over the course of a day and gives us the opportunity to work with your team to inspire, inform and imagine.

Just as every business is different, so are our workshops, which can be tailored to your goals. These sessions are not only valuable investments for your internal team, but also for your clients and partners.

Inspiration Workshop

This session is designed to demystify emerging technology, provide hands-on experience and inspire your team with new possibilities.

We will walk you through an insightful presentation relevant to your needs and educate your team so that they can speak on and apply this new knowledge to your business with confidence.

These sessions can be catered to your businesses objectives and positioning.

Ideation Workshop

Work hand in hand with our team of artists and engineers to apply strategic thinking and discover imaginative solutions.

We will guide you through strategies to identify problems, promote creativity and evaluate ideas. Ultimately allowing you to explore your business challenges and uncover opportunities for innovation.

This collaborative day will not only give your team an insight into our creative process but also leave you with a fully realised idea to be escalated into production.

Rapid Prototype

Building an MVP is incredibly useful to evaluate a project’s potential, attain additional funding or undergo market testing.

The objective of this phase is to rapidly test the fundamental components of the idea that answer the core design challenge.

Due to our unique team, we are able to build both physical and digital prototypes in-house.

The duration of this phase is dependent on the prototype required, however due to its low fidelity approach, is incredibly cost effective.

Dom Perignon testing rig.

Partner with us to unearth new opportunities for growth