Being gamers ourselves, we've always had the ambition to create our own indie games. We decided to create a VR game that transforms you from human-scale, to mythical monster Kraken-scale.

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Let's get Kraken

'KRAKEN' has you play as a disgruntled mythical beast woken up from his deep-sea slumber by warring nations above. You control the wobbly arms of this legend of historic proportions and use your mighty tentacles to destroy Vikings, Pirates and WW2 ships as you try to shut them up and go back to bed.

Each and every element was crafted from concept artwork to game design. We collaborated with our sister company FINCH for script development and worked with some fantastic voice talent to record the hilarious tutorial.



'KRAKEN' is the literal wave-based game that shows you what lies beneath. As of October 2020, the game has over 20,000,000 YouTube views. As the first in our series of self-published game titles, we learnt a lot making KRAKEN and look forward to releasing more.

Buy it for USD 1.99 on the Steam store now.