Dom Perignon


Dom Perignon



The Ice Bucket reimagined.

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Traditional Ice Buckets, whilst being easily accessible and practical to use, do more harm than good when it comes to premium Champagne. A bottle of Dom Perignon should be consumed between 8-10 degrees Celsius. An ice bucket forces the temperature well below this range, ruining the complexity of the wine.

Proxima is an evolution of the traditional ice bucket.

Utilising a super chilled aluminium core and temperature regulated laminar airflow technology, Proxima keeps a bottle of Dom Perignon within optimal drinking temperature for an extended period of time.

Designed specifically and exclusively for Dom Perignon, Proxima not only complements the style and aesthetic of the brand, it has also been engineered to function optimally with the contours and characteristics of the unique Dom Perignon bottle design.

Laminar flow technology has been engineered to perfectly follow the contours of the bottle, resulting in an efficient and optimal air cushion cooling effect. Ultrasonic sensors detect when a bottle has been placed, triggering the laminar cooling whilst also activating an integrated LED lighting system, illuminating the bottle with an elegant and theatrical white light display. Temperature sensors regulate the airflow, ensuring the liquid is kept within optimal drinking temperature for the maximum amount of time.

Proxima is now being trialled in venues across Europe, Asia and Australia.