Certainty & Imagination

Perfectly balanced to drive growth.

We imagine, design, and build new products and experiences to drive growth opportunities.

Our combination of strategic thinkers, engineers, and artists means we see your challenges from a different perspective.  We will find certainty, uncover insights and develop imaginative solutions to transform your business.


Our process

Our way of approaching problems didn’t happen overnight. We are the product of one of the world's leading film production companies combined with the best talent in technology. Our path over the last ten years has been one of constant evolution.

We live the certainty and imagination process every day. Our process starts with first principles thinking to promote original ideas. The varied talents of our team creates an atmosphere of divergent thinking.

Our domain expertise is diverse, spanning digital and physical products and experiences. We pride ourselves on fostering a team that makes this possible. Certainty and imagination is the key to our results and we demand this across every facet of our business.

Diverse domain expertise

Creative Development
Strategic Thinking

We partner early in the process so we can deeply understand the product we are creating with you. These products have ranged from business processes to new ways of displaying champagne.

Extended Reality

We are Australia’s leading developer for VR/AR experiences. Since 2013, our dedicated XR team has developed games and experiences for numerous brands as well as original gaming content.

Product Design

Crucial to the imaginative solutions we produce is our team of mechatronic engineers and computer scientists. We can design and rapidly prototype most products in house at our workshop in Sydney keeping costs low, and design iterations fast.

How can we help?

Change Brand

Brand is that intangible gut feeling you get when you think about companies. We've used XR as a powerful tool to visualise that gut feeling and change perceptions in the process.

VR is often referred to as the ‘empathy machine’. The term was first coined by Roger Ebert in his 2015 TED talk when describing film as an artistic medium.

We feel VR is so much more than an empathy machine, it’s an immersion machine.

Immersion, combined with tried and tested game mechanics, makes VR one of the most powerful tools to drive consumer behaviour, elicit and emotional response and gather meaningful insights and data.

View how we worked with Defence Force Recruiting to change perceptions of careers in the Australian Defence Force.

Create Beautiful

Engrained within our team is artistic talent. Our concept artists, engineers and developers all have a background in design and various artforms.

We think deeply considered design and a high quality experience is integral to everything we do. We used a combination of art and technology to help artist Dr Christian Thompson preserve his native language, Bdijara, in a gorgeous VR experience that was the most popular of it’s kind at ACMI museum in Melbourne, Australia.

Reach New

The gaming industry is huge. It’s larger than the movie and music industry combined. Talking to this audience is hard, and they demand quality and authenticity.

With our first original VR release, KRAKEN, we discovered what it was like to engage with and create content for this audience. 'KRAKEN' has you play as a disgruntled mythical beast woken up from his deep-sea slumber by warring nations above. You control the wobbly arms of this legend of historic proportions and use your mighty tentacles to destroy Vikings, Pirates and WW2 ships as you try to shut them up and go back to bed.

The interaction with our game on Youtube was huge. Playthroughs and commentaries were viewed over 20 million times. It reinforced how high quality storytelling and gameplay, even to people without VR headsets, was how to talk authentically to this audience. We are experts in the branded gameplay sector and love to give this audience the high quality content it demands.

Optimise Business

We used our expertise in film and production process to seamlessly match stills and video photography for glassons.com e-commerce platform.

Video is nothing new in e-commerce but rarely do the quality of the product videos matches the stills photography. Glassons, with 68 stores across Australia and New Zealand, tasked us with making their product come to life with video on their website. To us, it was crucial that the videos looked identical to the stills and each time a user saw the product move, it felt like magic. We developed production and post-production processes to simplify and automate the process of capturing new garments. Our work left Glassons with a repeatable process to utilise long after we have completed the project.

Develop New

Traditional Ice Buckets, whilst being easily accessible and practical to use, do more harm than good when it comes to premium Champagne.

HostHavas and Moet Hennessy partnered with us to delivery the ultimate Dom Perignon ice bucket experience. A bottle of Dom Perignon should be consumed between 8-10 degrees celsius. An ice bucket forces the temperature well below this range, ruining the complexity of the wine.

We changed that with Proxima, an iceless ice bucket that preserves the taste of the product while showcasing the bottle in a prominent modern way.

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